Internet piracy isn't killing Hollywood—Hollywood is killing Hollywood


In regards to Hollywood’s current summer slate, customers voted with their wallets. They don’t want what Hollywood is offering, in part because its continuously catering to a demographic losing interest in the movies.

That brings us to another explanation: Some believe Hollywood’s predilection for all things testosterone-laden is causing the downturn. As Kelly Faircloth of Jezebel glibly put it, “If you essentially ignore half the population, you’re leaving money on the table.”

The numbers paint a clear picture“Females made up only 39 percent ofAmazing Spider-Man 2’s debut audience, compared with 42 percent for 2012’s The Amazing Spider-Man and 46 percent for Spider-Man 3. The same trend applies to Transformers. This summer’s Age of Extinction skewed 64 percent male during its first weekend, more than the previous two films, and it played the oldest.”

Women are not interested in seeing movies so generically masculine they’re tantamount to a two-hour Dr. Pepper Ten commercial. Summer 2014 was so brutal because Hollywood ignored the most protiftable demographic—not because of The Pirate Bay.

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Mjolnir has chosen…

In the new line-up over at Marvel, in October, the character of “Thor” will become a woman. Which means that some how the man who currently wields Mjolnir will no longer be worthy of it’s power and someone more worthy will step up to the plate and be chosen.

That’s awesome! I’m all for more women being thrust into the forefront of comics, I think it’s fantastic.

…but I have just one problem.

How are they going to do this as far as story is concerned? I’m all for a change up, I don’t care what gender “Thor” is, but the man who eventually assumes the identity of Dr. Donald Blake, his name IS Thor, he IS Thor, THEE Thor. You know? The mythological Norse God of thunder, Thor. That is his name, his identity, who he is, he is the son of Odin. The name Thor is not a title, it is an individual’s name.

So while I’m not against a female version of the God of thunder, it’s been said that she “will be Thor.” And suddenly because I am against this because of their inability to explain it off with little more then, “because we can” makes me a bad-guy. I feel like this is a half-hearted PR stunt. And that isn’t okay in my books. You’re being lazy, you’re not developing a new character, you’re taking a previously established character and changing that character’s parameters.

So you’re going to call me misogynist because I don’t like how the writers are turning Thor into a woman?

Well you can go fuck yourself. I’m as far from a misogynist as you can get especially in the world of comics and videos games. More people should be reading comics and playing games, I don’t fucking care who you are or what you are. I don’t care that the writers at Marvel want to turn Thor into a woman, I care about HOW THEY ARE going to turn Thor into a woman. Their lazy cheap PR stunt to cater to the stupid public is spitting in the face of previous writers.

Like the writer who had Doctor Strange, take the soul of the man who is known as Thor, who is named Thor, who is the son of Odin — Thor, and put his soul into the hammer of Mjolnir. Every story before this is stepped on, squashed or swept under the rug. It isn’t the hammer choosing another person, it’s Odin sitting on his fucking throne looking down at his son who was born HIS SON and seeing a WOMAN and shrugging, going, “Suppose he was the daughter I never had.”

Thor isn’t a fucking title you prats, it’s the name of a man. I don’t care if they turn that man into a woman, but at this point it’d be better if Thor just came out as a trans individual. Look Marvel, I’m doing your job for you and thinking of clever and actual ways you could use to make your story feasible to not just the fans but those you aim to blindly please as well.

Was a Good Laugh

When I read reviews I always ponder what it takes to become a professional critic. I just read the review of “The Amazing Spider-man 2” from an individual at The Verge (read here — ) and I couldn’t help but get a good laugh out of the reviewer and their critique of the sequel.

They go as far as to say that “Spider-man 2” via Sam Raimi is often regarded by most to be one of if not the best superhero film to date.

Really? I wonder who’s guilty of making such a remark.

Marvel Knights into Dreams

When it comes to the franchise of “Ghost Rider” I absolutely refuse to blame Nicholas Cage.

Those movies are Sony’s fault and worse yet, the second one gives you so much hope because it’s so close to what a Ghost Rider movie could be and then it takes that hope and pisses on it… Pisses on it with like, urine, made of fire… because you know, Ghost Rider.

But seriously, that franchise suffers just as much as the Punisher or Moonknight. These comics are violent, Moonknight and Punisher especially so. So much so they came up with that whole “Marvel Knights” branch of comics just so you knew you were getting the equivalent of a rated “R” comic. Just so you know, the “R” stood for “Really-really-really” violent.

The last movie to depict the Punisher, “Punisher: Warzone” does the same thing. It has so much violence in it that some of the kills come off almost cartoonish in how absurd they are. I’m pretty sure in the beginning there is a scene where he takes out a Mafioso with a butter knife and starts spraying the room with bullets while hanging from a chandelier, all the while the lights flicker on and off like he’s the DJ in some sort of murder-rave. Oh, and the Irish Rastafarian who parkours his way into a missile and gets scattered across the alley below him was a nice touch.

This movie came as close as any movie could when it comes to the Punisher, because of how insane the violence is. Some comics won’t work as movies without “R” ratings and I think Ghost Rider is one of them, and he’s in good company with the Punisher, Moonknight, Daredevil, and Deadpool.

"First let’s be clear about this.

“Unemployment” does not refer to people too lazy to work or to the losers who have failed to secure an available job.

What unemployment means is that there are no available jobs. It means that X number of people are being denied work. The unemployed are not those who refuse work, or who do not seek work, or even those with poor “job-seeking” skills. The unemployed are that percentage of the population whose right to earn a living is being denied to them. The 7 percent or so unemployment rate we have had in the years following the crisis year of the Great Recession refers to the percentage of the work-force for which no jobs exist to seek, to find or to fill.

This is why the better measure of unemployment is the ratio of job-seekers to job openings. That ratio has not sunk below 3 to 1 since the Great Recession. That means that if in a single miraculous instant, every mismatch of geography, skill-set and pay-scale were met and every job opening were filled at once, then two-thirds of our unemployed would remain unemployed. And at that point there would be no reason for any of them to send out résumés, brush up on their interview skills, or do any of that other victim-blaming make-work we expect them to do, unpaid, until such time as someone deigns to allow them to earn a living again.

I prefer that ratio as a measurement of unemployment because it proves — proves — that all of the moralizing lectures levied at the unemployed are cruel and absurd."

Unemployment is ‘evil,’ the ‘opposite of just’ and ‘a real social disaster’

Everyone must read this.

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This this this.

The way society treats unemployment is like bringing 10 hungry people together, putting out 2 apples and waiting to see what hapens. Then, after the two people fastests/strongest/closest to the apples have eaten, they turn on the other 8 and ask “Why haven’t you eaten?”, “Are you too lazy to eat?”, “Do you enjoy being hungry?”, “I’m sure you could have gotten that apple if you had tried harder”. Conveniently forgetting that there wasn’t enough food made available in the first place.

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