Man, Some Disassembly Required


I’ve known I was trans since 2011, but I’ve known I was a man since the day I was born. 

With the cost of top surgery being high and the balance in my bank low, I need all the help I can get to achieve my dream; a body that matches my soul. I’m working nights at my job, which is a form of release from the pressures of dysphoria, as I pass with my binder. But when I get home, I trade happiness for comfort when I take it off. My back stops hurting and I stop sweating, but  the sharp pains in my heart begin.

My job won’t be able to cover the expensive costs of a much needed surgery. Not any time soon, at least. I ask that you take a moment and share this page around and spread the word, or donate if you’re feeling generous.

I thank you all in advance, as this surgery means a lot to me. Soon, it will hopefully feel less like a hopeful dream and more like a blissful reality.